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  Pine Lakes Golf Course

    Julia's Bed & Breakfast
    6219 W Liberty
    Hubbard, Oh 44425

Package Types

Spa Specials & Packages

MassageStarting at $60
Master Therapist: Stacy Woods

1 hour $60.00 *$60.00   (2-30 minutes)
90 minutes $90.00 *$90.00   (2-45 minutes)
2 hours N/A *$120.00 (2-60 minutes)

* These prices are per couple for combined times of both people. For example, a 1 hour couple massage would be 30 minutes for each person, a 90 minute massage would be 45 minutes per person, etc.

Benefits of a Massage:

• Relaxes the body
• Loosens tight muscles
• Relieves tired and aching muscles
• Relieves cramps and muscle spasms
• Reduces mental stress
• Promotes better sleep
• Improves concentration for a better golf game
• Reduces anxiety
• Provides a sense of well-being
• Increases energy and endurance
• Eliminates joint pain and discomfort

A one hour massage is the full body relaxation massage. Anything less than a one hour massage would be directed to specific parts of the body that are sore or achy.

Guests are asked to refrain from eating one hour before their massage time.